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The year before I entered high-school my parents moved from New York City and bought a farm in Hudson, Ohio. In the middle of my last high-school year, as the Korean War escalated, I asked their permission to enroll as a 17 year-old minor at the U.S. Naval Air Station's O-2 ("weekend warrior") training program in nearby Akron, Ohio. I have fond memories of flying at 17 - 20 years of age in several styles of propeller-driven Naval aircraft. In retrospect, I realize that my decision resulted from two youthful impulses. One was that I had a draft card and, not having the money for college, sought an option to being drafted and going to Korea as an infantryman. The second was that, having read Antoine de St. Exupéry, the thought of flying was appealing. It wasn't until training involved firing 50 calibre machine guns at other young flying guys that the fun began to wear off. Fortunately, the Navy decided that I was college material and I took them up on it until, with a bit of education, I decided that I wasn't military material, as St. Exupéry apparently had concluded, despite his alcohol, several years earlier.

The day after graduation from Ohio State University I went to work in a laboratory at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio within walking distance of my college room. Research being done for government involved kinetics of gas-metal reactions with various small samples, alloys of titanium, aluminum, molybdenum, and other metals, exposed at very high temperatures in vacuum to atmospheric gasses, and the subsequent determination by metallurgists of changes to the samples' metalic characteristics. The work was deemed so secret that I needed to receive a governmental "Q" security clearance, a fact that I could not even reveal. Our 1956 lab work involved the development of heat-shield material to be used in a future project to return a man to earth from space. I could hardly imagine such an endeavor.

After having worked long enough to pay back a small student loan, I enrolled at the OSU graduate school with the intent of pursuing an academic career. I was paticularly interested in the new science of genetics, the double-helix structure of the DNA molecule having been discovered by Watson and Crick. I was fortunate to secure a graduate teaching position, the salary of which was critical. After teaching underclass students for three academic quarters, I came to the realization that an academic career would involve years of similar teaching. I decided, for personal and financial reasons, to seek a corporate career instead. This was a decision that I have never regretted although, had I been independently wealthy or married into money, I might have followed in my brilliant father's footsteps and had a career doing pure scientific research.

By 40 years old, after being twice "head-hunted", I was the general sales manager for a publicly-listed (NASDAQ) corporation. Succesful but disenchanted with the corporate environment, I decided to work for myself and to involve myself in socially useful activities. I had read several books including Randal A. Hendricks definitive study, "A Legal Analysis of the Sale of Life Insurance", [The Houston Law Review 810 (1969)]. It didn't take long to realize that profit objectives of financial corporations can constitute an inherent conflict of interest with savings and retirement interests of working men and women. I decided to recruit and train a marketing organization that would accurately inform persons, enabling them to make better financial decisions in the interest of their families and themselves.

I wrote a small trade book that received favorable reviews. Thousands of copies were bought by agents and agencies nationwide. I was fortunate to join forces with two men who had introduced the marketing of mutual funds to the American public, the former president and board chairman of the national brokerage firm of Waddell & Reed. Before the personal computer age I struggled to program the TI-59 calculator with an attached thermal printer in order to provide responsible agents throughout the country a means of calculating and presenting an accountable life-insurance policy analysis to the public. As marketing director of their Denver-based firm, Multi-Financial Corporation, I worked as a managing general agent with several progressive companies for which they designed products that my team of 34 agents, hired and trained by me, marketed using the programmable calculator software that I wrote.

After my hugely popular trade book the companies rushed to pitch something they call "Universal Life Insurance", and "Variable Life Insurance", and "Interest Sensitive Life Insurance", and "Indexed Universal Life Insurance", all brought to you by the type of corporate schmucks who ripped the public off for years with "Whole Life Insurance", thereby creating the world's wealthiest corporations. After obtaining FINRA's Series-65 to enable me, as a "fiduciary" to legally critique stocks, bonds, and other paper investments, I wrote a few articles pertaining to personal financial planning. If interested, find links pertaining to insurance-investment "plans" in my financial articles.

When the first web-browser appeared in early 1995 I wrote what may have been the first online blog, published on, my early website that appeared in the November 20, 1995 issue of Newsweek Magazine. For a number of years "The BigEye" remained in the web's leading 5% of websites. It attracted the support of The American Library Association. Reviewed in their bi-monthly publication, Knowledge Quest, its national magazine for academic librarians (Nov/Dec 1998, page 36). Bigeye became an early educational resource in school computers nationally. Unfortunately, is now being attacked and censored online. Now that the internet has changed drastically, I have decided to sell the domain name which will probably be bought by a corporation marketing something(s) online.

Astute observers realize that today we in the USA live in an oligarchy, not a Constitutional Republic. Since coming to Florida in 1986 I have spent considerable time exposing contradictions in network television's news about "terrorists", "mass shootings", and NASA's space-travel narratives. Seven televised "trips to the moon and back" were presented in 1969-1970 on network television as real news. Those who control, to the best of their ability, our currency and the financial economy upon which we depend in our own lives have, for years, owned, scripted, and censored our mainline media. They are now aggresssively censoring the internet.

Over a span of ten years I wrote 37 articles as a featured columnist for all of which were removed from that website in May 2017 without explanation. My conclusions about the 9/11 "attack" were re-published online by Mr. Simon Sharck and can be read in the research section of his brilliant September Clues website. I've also placed, in a separate website, a few of my other columns that probably most annoy certain individuals. The fact that they have been censored elsewhere speaks for itself. If you are curious enough to read them, click this graphic and try to hang on to your sanity:

I miss family and friends who have departed life, especially my brother and a special lady. I greatly enjoy meeting new people and value friends made in Sarasota. I have been on the faculty advisory committee of Manatee Technical Instutute, a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee of WSLR Radio, a long-time member of Manasota Mensa, an active member of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, and am a founding and sustaining member of our community's outstanding classical music radio station that can be listened to anywhere in the world at

One of my greatest pleasures continues to be reading non-fiction. I have recently purchased and read books written by a number of academics and independent thinkers including: Robert Bauval, Dr. Robert Schoch PhD, John Anthony West, Christopher Dunn and, particularly, the 1978 book The Pyramid Odyssey by Wm. R. Fix. After watching a number of fascinating YouTube videos in a series called "When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up", I realize that there appears to be quite a different history of our past from that being taught in today's schools and colleges, the below video being an example:

Four volumes by Anatoly Fomenko are high on my reading list. Sir Isaac Newton in around 1726 came to similar conclusions. I bought and am reading Newton's posthumously published book, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended.

In addition to matters of chronology regarding what purports to be "ancient history" but may actually pertain to a not-so-distant past, I am interested in recent scientific evidence indicating massive later ice-age destruction on our planet, its mega-fauna, and human inhabitants. I was impressed by Graham Hancock's best-selling book, The Magicians of the Gods. Given the respect and support that Hancock, who refers to himself as a journalist, receives from so many highly credentialed scientists, it seems odd that he and others are "officially" referred to in Wikipedia as "pseudo-scientist" along with adjectives such as "fringe" and "dubious". It is becoming evident to me that Hancock, formerly Mid-East columnist for the "Economist", is on to something when he says that we are "a species with amnesia".

I have decided to sell my investment condominium, as well internet domain names (,, etc.) that I have purchased over the past twenty years in order to devote the remaining years of my life to studying, researching, and sharing my own thoughts about ongoing discoveries pertaining to what may have been mankind's dual origins and the increasing evidence for a worldwide advanced civilizaton of the not-so-distant past. For example, I have read that it took centuries for Giza Plateau's lush tropical environment to become the dry desert of today. I don't know what to make of the narrative I discovered within an 1846 book in my own small library (also in Google Books) and that I have posted on this page.

There is increasing evidence that human societies, the leaders of which possessed highly accurate mathematical, astronomical, technical, and geo-physical knowledge, have been destroyed by both natural and, more recently, man-made events.